I like driving cars and writing about cars.

I dislike writing “About” pages, but I’ll give it a shot for the one or two people who stumble upon this blog.

From about 2008 until early 2013 I worked at a car dealership as the lowly internet manager. The work itself was a mixture of interesting and depressing but the management was pretty awesome and they let me drive whatever cars we had on the lot once the workday was over. By early 2012, I realized that I had driven a representative sample of almost every make of car (at the time the supercars had evaded me, and still to this day I haven’t driven a Mini and my time in a Mazda was so embarrassing that I’m not counting it.)

Since I think this is a bit of a rarity for people outside of the automotive industry, I decided it would be fun to document the cars I drove. As an added bonus, most of the cars were used cars coming in as trades, so it was an interesting insight into how cars hold up over time before they ventured into the magical world known as “the shop” where they get cleaned up and repaired.

The dealership has since closed but it was too fun driving a bunch of cars so I’m now resorting to my family’s cars, and in the near future I’m sure you’ll be able to find me begging friends to let me drive their cars.

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