Blog Update

I started this blog earlier this year and it’s been a little slow since then. I recently tried to get back into it and migrated over to WordPress for a fresh start. Hooray for new internet homes!

However I wasn’t terribly happy with that last Ferrari post. I’m not a Top Gear writer. I can’t write about cars in such a way that it is thrilling reading.

Well, not yet anyway. But I’m learning.

So this is just going to be my space to write about the cars I drive, and hopefully provide some perspective that you don’t always see. It’s my job (like real, make-a-living job) to look at cars and try to convince people of why they should want that car. So I’ll drive all these cars and try to point all that fun stuff out. And it’s refreshing too, because unlike at my job, I’m allowed to point out the negative bits here.

And of course if anyone has any feedback be sure to let me know. The comments actually work now, thanks wordpress!

Right then. I’ll go back to writing about cars. Stay tuned tomorrow for my exciting review of a car that, um, has black paint.